July 2016

Here’s the Truth Tea, Susan.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that impostor syndrome had me sitting on my thumbs about creating a Patreon to promote my art. Who am I, anyway?

But how vacuous is that thought, though? If I were already Somebody, would I need to raise money to sustain myself?

Is exchanging my Speculative Fiction projects for the ability to remove a little bit of baggage an ethical way to go about asking for money to survive?

Will I maintain a particular momentum with writing and promotion to even reach my first goal?

Will people identify with what I’m going through? Will they care enough about my writing and my struggle if white medical students think Black people don’t feel pain?

I am very aware of how rare it is for writers to generate steady income. I don’t know any one person who assumes to get rich off of their fiction projects, either. All I know are people trying to build space in their lives to create, and create well.

Ten years ago, I promised to do better by myself, if by some fluke I was still alive at 28. And here I am, trying to bring that promise into fruition. Through the mercy of the internets, no less.

So if you have a moment, check out my Patreon.

If you like my poetry here at BlackFatFemmeWrites, you will fall in love with my spec fic.

If you’re into chapters 1-3 of Solanaceae (2+3 will be up this week!)  I can guarantee that your patronage for reading the chapters proceeding + additional projects will indeed be worthwhile.



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