December 2016


Daily Prompt: Fortune
Day 2 of winter break in full effect! I have to say, it’s quite nice sitting in silence (without pants), in my own home (without pants), watching vlogs & tiny cooking videos (without pants).

My housemates and I have gradually been cleaning for a small gathering. Sunday morning, my partner walks into the kitchen to find a squirrel eating a bag of cookies on our kitchen island. This cat-sized thing chewed a hole in our basement ceiling. A scurry of them have been living in our walls, probably way before we moved in. 

So we’re cleaning for this event, right? Waiting for pest control to come up in here. Bae sealed the first hole with this black foam stuff. Then they found another way in. 

So my partner’s working theory is: 

Description: My depiction of where our squirrel struggles began. they have chewed through some insulation in the ceiling above, they would trellis up the wall and climb into that hole. BUT, the Polar Vortex happened. Froze a thick wall of ice, patching up their entryway. Can’t be mad at their ingenuity. They gotta get the hell out of my house, though.

First night, we banged pot lids and played AS@TT,while my partner made  “BAH! BAH! BAH!”sounds by the stairs to scare them back into the walls. 

Winter is strange like this. I have accepted the cold and typically go out in about two layers. I also have a sweet coat with a billion pockets, a few warm pairs of boots. I finally have a matching pair of gloves, and an assortment of hats. 

We have created our own family, our own traditions, loosely built around the rigidity of our respective families’. Everything is witchy and awkward. And there are waffles ready.


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